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เพิ่มเติม เกี่ยวกับ Battery

 รับจำนอง ขายฝาก บ้าน ที่ดิน ทั่วประเทศ กู้เงินง่าย ได้เงินไว ไม่เช็คแบล็คลิส [ ลงประกาศ ]
 Battery (crime) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Battery is a criminal offence involving unlawful physical contact, distinct from assault which is the apprehension, not fear, of such contact. In the United States,  ...

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 Battery (electricity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In electricity, a battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Since the invention ...

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 Batteries Plus battery store - All your battery needs for Laptop ...
We sell and recycle batteries for everything. Battery Experts serving personal and business needs. Visit your local Batteries Plus store or request info to own a ...

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 Battery - Merriam-Webster Online
b : an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person's consent — compare assault 2a. 2. [Middle French batterie, from battre to beat].

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 Apple - Batteries
Learn about the rechargeable lithium-based technology in your Apple laptop and iOS devices. Get tips for maximizing battery life and lifespan.

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