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 Sony HXR-NX70U NXCAM Compact Camcorder HXR-NX70U B&H ...
The HXR-NX70 can also access videos stored on an external hard drive for ... The HXR-NX70 must be connected to AC power when using Direct Copy.

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 Sony Product Detail Page HXRNX70U
From its G-Lens through the CODEC, the HXR-NX70 is a true NXCAM camcorder with the added bonus of IPX54 certification. Its compact size and XLR pod, ...

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 Sony HXR-NX70 Users Group on Vimeo
Mike Beckett commented on the thread NX70 New Firmware Due March 2012 12 hours ago. Magnus Davidsen joined Sony HXR-NX70 Users Group ...

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 Sony releases NEX-FS100 and HXR-NX70 camcorders :: Wetpixel.com
Sony has also unveiled the HXR-NX70, a dust proof and rain proof professional HD camcorder, which will be available in June at a retail price ...

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 Sony Spraycam NX70 | Film and Digital Times: News
Jul 14, 2011 ... The NX70 has a superb, optically stabilized 10x zoom 3.8-38mm f/1.8 zoom lens. That's roughly equivalent to a 35mm format equivalent of ...

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