NOZZLE ลม AIR NOZZLE จำหน่ายและนำเข้าสนใจติดต่อ 086-3148623 เก๋ Worldspray technology and design c

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NOZZLE ลม AIR NOZZLE จำหน่ายและนำเข้าสนใจติดต่อ 086-3148623 เก๋ Worldspray technology and design c

SPRAY NOZZLE ลม AIR NOZZLE จำหน่ายและนำเข้าสนใจติดต่อ 086-3148623 เก๋
ใช้ในการเป่าชิ้นงานให้แห้ง และเป่าฝุ่นทั่วไป Air knife,Air Kinve, Air atomizing Worldspray technology and design co.,ltd. T02-3494426-7� F 02-3494428 POWERFULL AIR NOZZLE TAIFUJET� AMPLIFIES AIR FLOW TO DOUBLE AIR COST,HIGHT SPRAY IMPACT,LOW NOISE LEVEL,UNIFORM SPRAY IMPACT, FLAT TYPE,Wide Range of Air Nozzle in plastic and stainless steel,1/4MTF, Taifujet Plastic Air Nozzle,UT Ball Joint,Windjet Air nozzle,windjet , Flat air nozzle ,safety air gun,air nozzle ,Air kinfe, Jet nozzle ,f windjet , windjet nozzle, Fwindjet nozzle, Air Nozzles high blowing force 6 - 130 N (1.3 - 28.7 lbs) air knives & air curtains special air knife with six 920 A flat nozzles and a specially designed aluminum manifold. Air knives have been installed in a wide range of industrial applications. Cooling rollers, drying tobacco, dispersion of powdered paint, blow-off of emulsions, etc. are but a few. Creates an air cone spread of 370 mm (14.57") at a distance of 150 mm (6"). Blowing force = 33.0 N (116.5 oz). Fully complies with OSHA safety WindJet® Nozzles for Use with Compressed Air AA727 WindJet nozzle generates a quiet, efficient, controlled, flat fan distribution of compressed air. The air stream is discharged through 16 precision orifices that ensure uniform distribution and spray pattern integrity. Recessed orifices on the ABS and PPS models protect against external damage and also provide an air escape should the nozzle accidentally be placed against a flat surface. A convenient mounting hole on the ABS and PPS models ensures correct positioning on the header or manifold for fixed applications. WindJet Air Nozzles


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